This is the moment when you stop running from yourself

When people see you from the outside, it seems that everything is all right.

But instead of being happy and motivated, you feel nervous, pressured, impatient, irritable, restless, tired, without energy.

There might be troubles at work, or conflicts at home. You may have this strange, disturbing feeling that something is not right, without knowing exactly what is going on. You may have doubts about what do you really want at school, at work, in your relationship. You feel stuck and you want to change. You want to feel better and go forward with your life.

Let's stop now for a moment, and think about what is blocking you from having a better life.

My role as your psychotherapist is to help you see how you got stuck and how you can remove the obstacles from your way. We sit and think together about how you ended up on the wrong track, about what is meaningful for you in this moment of your life, about your true self. My objective is help you start moving forward again. I’m looking forward to supporting you in your journey. You can schedule an appointment

The Process

I will see you, at least, once a week. At the first encounter, we draw the treatment plan that best fits your needs and possibilites. I'm there for you until it is necessary, but you can stop treatment anytime.

The Office

I work in a peaceful private office the in center of Lisbon, at Campo Pequeno.
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Csongor Juhos, PhD

Clinical Psychologist certified by the Portuguese Psychologists Association, and by National Health Regulatory Authority
Member of the Portuguese Psychoanalytic Society
University Lecturer at ISPA

Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis

Office at Campo Pequeno, Lisbon, Rua de Entrecampos 14, 2º Right

Contact: 966 882 803
Prof. Doutor Csongor Juhos
Professor Universitário no ISPA / Psicólogo Clínico / Psicoterapeuta / Membro da Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicanálise / Membro da Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses
Rua de Entrecampos 14, 2ºDir, Lisboa
Tel. 966 882 803
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